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Innocent is an urban play scholar, artist gamemaker and VC Senior Research Fellow in creative practice research at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia where he develops projects that connect public art, digital design, media studies and landscape architecture. He explores multiple ways of being in his works of design, sculpture, animation, sound, light and installation using methods of multiplatform storytelling that connect objects with their environment to build speculative worlds, games people can play. These worlds explore connections between language and reality, engaging with the contemporary mediascape through his unique aesthetic language that traverses geometric abstraction and digital iconography and has 25 years’ experience in gallery-based exhibitions, symposia and site-specific projects. Innocent develops augmented reality games that blend physical objects with digital interfaces to reimagine everyday urban environments in playful ways; situating his work in Aarhus, Melbourne, Bristol, Barcelona, Istanbul, Ogaki, Sydney, Tampere and Hong Kong. He is creator of 64 Ways of Being, an urban adventure platform combining audio walks and mixed realities to situate players in new experiences of place. Drawing upon posthumanist philosophy and speculative fiction, he works with the city as a material, creating experiences that ask players to reimagine, remake and reconnect with their world.

Photograph: James HH Morgan

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