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Location: Abstraction Twenty-Eighteen, Five Walls Projects, Melbourne, Australia
Dates: April 25 – May 12
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Troy Innocent 2018
laser cut acrylic, plywood and hardboard with playable augmented reality layer via two interactive screens mounted on autopole or data projection

In this new work, the influence of geometric abstraction on the code of machine vision sytems is explored. Relationships between the algo- rithms for pattern recognition in the decoding and understanding of three-dimensional spaces and abstract art are established, articu- lating new technologies such as ‘augmented reality’ as parta larger cultural history of ways of seeing and decoding the world physically, optically and conceptually.

Innocent’s work blends geometric abstraction with a nonverbal ‘alpha- bet’ of coded objects that encourage audiences to encoutner and decode spaces. The double meaning of abstraction is expressed via the audience participation with the codes via layers of animation and sound experienced via an augment- ed reality app. The body of work traverses a mixed reality consisting of sculpture, digital graphics, sound, and live play.