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Location: c3 contemporary art space, Melbourne, Australia
Dates: 12 April - 7 May
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Troy Innocent 2017
urban codemaking fieldwork 2010-17 mixed materials and locations with video

Photo credit: Vivian Cooper Smith

Cities are complex systems governed by spatial, social, operational, commercial and cultural codes. They are layered with digital and material traces and are permeated with clouds of data. Our encounters with cities occur at various scales of public space: micro and macro, monumental and intimate, transient and permanent, personal and public, individual and collective. ‘Urban code making’ is a form of psychogeographic wayfinding into the abstractions that emerge from the patterns and flows of a city. This exhibition brings together photographs, video, artefacts, and software that document this practice. Using play as a strategy of appropriation, urban spaces are transformed into readymade places, marked by urban codes. Over the past seven years, hundreds of these codes have been deployed across 15 cities, linking multiple sites through their shared aesthetic language to create a single ludic city; collapsing and traversing time and space into an alternate reality, an imagining of another city.