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Location: Melbourne Knowledge Week, Meat Market, Melbourne, Australia
Dates: 7 - 13 May
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Troy Innocent 2018
urban codemaking fieldwork 2010-18 mixed materials, locations with video and augmented reality

Urban code making is a language for decoding and reimagining urban space. This exhibition brings together photographs, video, artefacts and software that document this practice. Using play as a strategy of appropriation, urban spaces are transformed into readymade places, marked by urban codes.

Urban codes contain nouns, verbs and adjectives. Above are sixteen verbs alongside the codes that represent them in this language. They are things people do in the city.

Over the past seven years, hundreds of these codes have been deployed across 15 cities, linking multiple sites through their shared aesthetic language to create a single ludic city; collapsing and traversing time and space into an alternate reality, an imagining of another city.