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Troy Innocent / one step at a time like this / Millipede 2021
augmented reality art experience

Melbourne is transformed into a playable city through an inventive blend of live art, game design and public art. People and place are connected at locations across the city via augmented reality encounters capturing different ways of being. These experiences reimagine Melbourne's identity as expressed through its creative, linguistic, cultural, social and urban diversity.

Games draw people into playful, imaginative ways of being. Live art brings people into experiences that are situational and happening now. The relational nature of public art feeds critique and speculation on the built environment. Bringing these three disciplines together creates a unique opportunity to work with the city as playful, creative material.

Over a three-hour experience traversing the centre of Melbourne, players enter a laneway portal, follow a companion, play amongst fields of creatures and animated beings, make music with street art and hear stories about place.

In this first journey, nine ways of being are mapped via emotional cartography – each augmented reality artwork is named via words from multiple language that speak to feeling and place – forming an encyclopaedia of experience that maps the multiplicity of moods and memories that make up our collective lived experience of being in cities.