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Troy Innocent 2007
Interactive urban art environment
painted aluminium, custom luminaires, lasercut steel, shotblast pavers, multi-player digital game, computer- controlled light, four-channel sound.
Fabrication: Premier Graphics
Programming: Stewart Haines & Troy Innocent

Field of Play is an urban art environment that transforms public space into a playing field using sculpture, paving, interaction, light and sound. Within the environment, three iconographic languages are articulated through sculpture, installation, landscape design and a digital game. The work consists of various expressions of this iconography: painted aluminium, custom luminaires, lasercut steel, shotblast pavers, and multi-player digital game with computer-controlled light and four- channel sound.

A playing field defines and governs the rules of play in a game. The term originated in sport, where it is used to describe the surface on which games are played – the basketball court, the football oval and so on. Markings on the playing surface define goals and zones of play. Metaphorically, it is often used to refer to the space of business transactions, for example, the term ʻlevel playing fieldʼ describes a marketplace that is open to free trade without external interference, such as government regulations.