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Troy Innocent 2016-
location-based augmented reality game
Aarhus, Barcelona, Bristol, Dublin, Melbourne, Singapore, Taipei, Tampere

Wayfinder Live is a free to play location-based augmented reality game. Scanning urban codes on the street unlock fragments of animation and sound that document traces of a hidden micronation.

Originally created for Melbourne International Games Week, Wayfinder live is a live game in which you explore cities through play. Wayfinding not to get from a to b but to find a new way to be. That way to be is in a place called the Micronation of Ludea. If you have played a game then you have been to Ludea. It is that space you go to when you are ‘in-game’, in the zone, immersed in play.

A key aspect of the gameplay is a competition for influence over the city. Each player is asked to choose a clan or faction that represents a different philosophy on urban design and is represented by a colour: green, blue or orange.

Players are able to apply influence to locations they have unlocked and over the course of a week the city map changes to reflect people’s different views – shifting in realtime like election results or heatmap of popular opinion.